3 Ways Artificial Intelligence generates profit for business

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After building over 200 Ai bots it’s clear that there are 3 key ways Ai can generate extra profit for your business.

If you aren’t doing these you are getting left behind.

Number 1 Capturing more leads from your website.

You may not know it yet but you have 1 major problem on your website right now.

That problem – no one is instantly available 24/7 to answer questions website visitors may have.

Now, I’m sure you will say

“I’ve got all the info anyone would need on my website”


“they can submit a contact us form”.


“they can call us”.

But here is the problem. Do you really think people are going to spend 5 minutes searching through all the pages on your website to find the answer their question?

In this day and age of instant gratification do people really want to wait for you to respond to a contact us form?

Finally, those potential customers cannot call you a 10pm at night because you are closed.

With over half of your website traffic happening OUTSIDE work hours if you cannot answer customer questions fast you are going to miss out on sales.

And that’s where Ai chatbots are so good.

An Ai chatbot installed on your website works 24/7 and doesn’t take bathroom breaks. This means there is ALWAYS someone available to chat to your website visitors, answer their questions AND convert them into a lead.

Number 2: Increasing Lead conversions

Many businesses use digital marketing to attract people to an offer.

This usually involves an ad on Facebook or Google that leads to landing page that has a form.

The customer completes the form and then you pass those details on to your sales team to make contact with the customer.

Now there are two issues:

The first is that these leads are of varying quality. Because the customer has only filled out a form they aren’t very well qualified. So they might be a great lead or just a luke warm lead. And this frustrates your sales team because they have to speak to people who may not be that interested in your product or service.

The second issue is because you have only taken the contact details of the customer you haven’t built any rapport with them so they aren’t feeling particularly fond of you or wedded to your service.

Instead of sending potential leads to a form send them to an Ai bot.

This Ai bot will answer any questions they have AND also ask some questions to qualify them. For example, if you were in the lending industry you could ask them what their credit score is or what they need the money for.

By doing this your leads will feel like someone helped them with any questions they had and you also gathered some valuable information to help your sales team convert a sale.

So if you want higher quality leads use Ai.

Number 3: Database Reactivation

This is one of my favourites.

Every business has a list of people who haven’t bought from you or old customers who haven’t bought from you in a long time.

These people are often referred to as ‘dead ‘leads.

Well, what if you could get an Ai chatbot to reach out to these people with a special offer, engage in a discussion with them and then turn them into a new lead?

Before Ai you just had to manually call these people which just takes way too much time.

Now you can just get Ai to do the hard work.

Let Ai contact these people at scale, have a chat with them and convert them into a new sales lead.

Your sales team love this because they haven’t had to listen to hundreds of “no’s” just to find a some ‘yes’s”. They can just focus on the people who are interested by letting Ai do all the hard work.

Cost to acquire new sales opportunities – ZERO because you are using your own list.

So, there are the 3 ways Ai can generate more profit in your business.

If you aren’t doing these you risk getting left behind.

If you are looking for other ways to use Ai try this article which shows how Ai can reduce calls to your business by 50%.

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