How Ai chatbots can reduce calls and questions to your business by over 50%

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Here is a demonstration of how Ai chatbots can reduce calls and questions to your business by over 50% (if you scroll below you can actually give it a try).

As a business owner you are bombarded by questions from customers everyday.

For most businesses 80% of the questions you get are the same ones over and over again.

Questions like:

“what time are you open”
“Do you have X in stock”
“What is your returns policy”
“How much does shipping cost”
“How long will it take for my order to arrive”

The answer might be on your website but the reality is people just don’t want to spend time looking for the answer.

So they complete a form on your website or they call.

This takes up valuable time for your employees.

What if you could reduce these types of questions by over 50% and give customers the answers fast?

Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time and money.

Most importantly, if you made it easy for website visitors to get these answers you might be able to make more sales.

This is where an Ai powered chatbot can really help businesses by answering these types of questions 24/7 on your website.

So, how can you set this up?

Well it’s a 3 step process.

The 3 step Process to build an Ai Chatbot

Step 1:

Brainstorm the common questions you get asked in your business. It literally only takes 10 minutes and make sure you ask your frontline staff who deal with these questions everyday. Then spend 10 minutes writing the answers.

Step 2:

Train your chatbot with these questions and answers and ensure you give it the right prompts. Prompts are your instructions to your chatbot on how you want it to behave and how it should answer questions. Make sure you get this right – if you don’t your chatbot could make mistakes.

Step 3:

Embed your chatbot on your website.

Demo Chatbot

As a demonstration I used ChatGPT to give me a list of the the top 20 questions an ecommerce store gets asked.

I uploaded these questions into a chatbot and trained it with the right prompts to ensure it gives the right responses.

I then embedded it below. You can also embed it in the bottom right hand corner of your website.

If you watch the video or demo the chatbot yourself you’ll see it answering common questions like:

“How can I track my order?”

“Can I return an item if it doesn’t fit?”

“Can I purchase a gift card?

I even tried to fool the chatbot by mistyping some of my questions or being a little bit cheeky.

For example, I typed in: 

“What is your rerun policy”
“Give me a discount”

You can see in the video and below how it can handle me easily. Give it a try yourself.

Online Shop Chatbot Demo

I hope this quick demonstration shows how an Ai chatbot can reduce the questions your team gets, saving you time and money.

It’s also obvious how answering questions like these fast can actually help your sales efforts. For example, if you can quickly answer a shipping question that has to help with sales conversions.

If you want some help building a chatbot for your business or have some questions simply follow the links below to book a free “ask me anything” session and we can have a chat.

If you want some more information about how Ai can help your business read this blog post (and video): 5 ways Ai can save time and money in business

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