Not Sure How to Grow?

How I Can Help

90 Minute Digital Strategy Session

  • Not quite sure how to grow with digital?
  • Deep dive into your website to suggest actionable changes to get an immediate improvement in sales.
  • I'll answer anything related to digital and your website.

Website Design

  • A complete, state of the art website that SELLS.
  • We'll define your goals and map out a complete digital strategy to Grow.
  • More than just a new website, my exclusive process brings clarity to who you are targeting, your brand and business.

Free 30 minute website Tune-up

  • Analyse your website for growth opportunities.
  • Prioritise the key actions you need to take to grow.
  • Provide Actionable Advice
My Story

About David

In my time as Chief Marketing Officer for global brands like Ford and Shell I’ve spent millions of dollars on digital and have certainly seen what works and what doesn’t.

I always felt that these state of the art digital practices shouldn’t just be for big enterprises. There had to be a way to make digital accessible for businesses that aren’t as big as the global brands.

And that was why I founded Digital Growth Genius – to help businesses of all sizes grow by focusing on digital strategies that WORK.

Put me to the test, book a free 30 minute call to discuss your digital strategy and let me share with you some growth strategies that can work for your business.

David Katic